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Over the last several months, each and everyone of us has been through a tremendous amount of change; we’ve been challenged with trying to find our way in the new normal. Similar to many organizations, we have a choice, a choice to not make changes and be negatively impacted or to quickly pivot and find alternatives to continue living our best lives.

The current conditions have increased our hesitation to go to local gyms. I truly believe that even though we cannot control the circumstances, we have 100 percent control over how we respond and react to those circumstances. Can’t go to the gym? Well, with some effort, planning and thousands of free workout videos, you can easily break a sweat at home!

“Do not wait until the conditions are perfect to begin. Beginning makes the conditions perfect.” – Alan Cohen

Setting up a home gym can get expensive if you are looking for more sophisticated equipment like a treadmill or a peloton bike. This pandemic has made me realize that we don’t need all the fancy equipment to workout at home. Seriously, all you need is your body and minimal space. To add variety and to keep challenging yourself, you can try to add some of these cost-effective equipment to your home workout routines.

Check out these 11 Effective Home Workout Equipment Under $50 and suggested workout videos


Resistance Bands:

With 5 resistance levels and handles, this product is a fantastic option for strength training. I don’t know about you, but dumbbells these days seem to be a hot commodity and varying dumbbell sizes are not easily available. For just under $20, this can be a fantastic item to add to your home gym.

Workout videos using resistance bands

Resistance Loops:

Resistance bands are one of the best home workout equipment under $50. These are by far the best piece of equipment to amp up your workout routine! For just under $12, you can easily challenge yourself and work muscles in totally unique ways.

Workout videos using resistance loops

Dumbbell Set:

Dumbbells are so good for strength training and if you are looking for a variety of weights, this set of 3 dumbbells is a great option. If you are beginning your fitness journey, this is a perfect option to start weight training.

Workout videos using Dumbbells:


Ropeless Jumping Rope

I am not a big fan of traditional jump rope as I’m not good at it and I would always stumble. This rope less jump rope is a game-changer! As this is a weighted jump rope, it’s great for cardio and toning your arms.

Workout videos using Jump Rope:



Kettlebell is an all-in-one total body conditioning tool and is great for building core strength and stability. It’s also a great no-run cardio alternative. For just under $35, it’s a must-have to boost your workout routine.

Workout videos using Kettlebell:

Core Sliders

Want to take your workout routines to the next level? Core sliders can definitely do that for you! For just under $7, it’s a perfect piece of accessory to challenge yourself to engage your core and build your balance and core strength.

Workout videos using Core Sliders:

Weighted Gloves:

Are you a fan of cardio kickboxing? Try weighted gloves next time you are doing a kickboxing workout! They are perfect to build stamina and improve your cardiovascular endurance.

Workout videos using Weighted Gloves:

Ankle Weights:

Ankle weights are an amazing accessory to tone your overall body and boost workout endurance. For just under $15, it’s a perfect tool to add variety to your routine!

Workout videos using Ankle Weights:

Slam Ball:

Slam ball is a highly versatile and super useful tool to enhance your workouts. It’s a dynamic piece of equipment that is awesome for building strength and cardio endurance!

Workout videos using Slam Balls:

Exercise Ball:

You can use stability ball in any of your workouts to challenge your body and take your workout routine to the next level. It’s a perfect tool for strengthening core and improving balance.

Workout videos using Exercise Balls:

How are you planning to add variety to your workout routine? What’s your favorite workout accessory? I’d love to hear from you!

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