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Creating a website and blogging have been a game changer for my personal growth. I am excited to share with you some powerful lessons learned from a year of blogging!

Any activity that puts you out of your comfort zone and challenges you, rest assured will put you in the growth path. A little over a year ago, I had this intense desire in me to start a blog and use it as a medium to share my journey and inspire others. I remember vividly talking about it with my friends, who encouraged me to purse my passion and helped pick a name for my blog. A perfect metaphor to explain my blogging journey is how a baby learns to crawl first before walking and many twists, turns and falls that occur before mastering the walk!

Here are the 7 powerful lessons learned from a year of blogging

Purpose is key

I truly believe that motivation can give you a jump start but having a sense of purpose (the why behind the what) is the fuel that’ll keep you going. For me, the desire to pursue personal development, to be the absolute best version of myself and to make a difference are cornerstones of why I’m writing this blog. I’ve learned that pausing and doing the work to understand your why before doing any activity, sets you up for success and happiness. 

Cast a Vision

One of the powerful lessons I’ve learned from a year of blogging is the importance of casting a vision. When I started my blog, I envisioned the person I want to become and my path to growth. I also thought about how I will make an impact in other’s lives by starting with me. Just like you need to know where you are headed in order to reach the destination, it’s vital to visualize the future state of what you want to accomplish with any project in order to be successful.

Set goals

Setting goals is such a simple yet such an effective strategy! From my perspective, knowing your purpose, casting a vision are the vital roots that are nourished by a solid goal setting strategy. With my blog, I set out with a simple goal of writing inspiring content every week on topics that I am most passionate about. While I haven’t met that goal every week, it provided me a good measure of what I wanted to accomplish.

Pivot as needed

As mentioned earlier, I didn’t meet my goal of writing a blog post every week. I wanted to take the time and focus on writing inspiring content rather than chasing a specific number of posts. A few months into it, I realized that it’s not quantity but rather the quality of content and the impact I wanted to make with the content that mattered rather than the sheer number of posts. 

Plan to fail

One thing I’ve learnt from this process is that no matter how much you plan and prepare, not everything will work out and that’s ok. I’ve invested in certain tools and trainings that didn’t really work for my site and that’s fine. I found that making space and planning to fail in a safe environment is important to me. If I aimed for perfection, I wouldn’t have come this far. I believe this is a strategy I need to adapt in all aspects of life. 

Reflect often

I’ve found that taking the time to reflect often on what I’m trying to accomplish and how I can take it to the next level has kept me going especially on the days I lacked the motivation to do the work. It also helped me figure out and improve certain aspects of my blogging. I’ve also tried to incorporate the feedback I’ve received from my friends to fine tune my posts. 

Build your network

Connecting with like minded people has been another game changer for me. To continue to learn and grow, I’ve connected with some inspiring bloggers who’ve supported me in my journey. Identifying and building your network with people who you aspire to be is such an amazing way to level-up. 

Progress over perfection

Taking massive action and moving forward is the only way to make progress. I’m sure there a lot of things I can improve in my blogs, but I’ve learned that the only way to improve is by making mistakes and learning from them. I’ve learned to be ok with posting an imperfect blog rather than waiting for that perfect post. 

Ask for help

I will admit, when I first started, I wanted to do it all by myself. I decided to switch the host for my website for better quality and speed. Not being technical, I was quite overwhelmed! After trying for several weeks, I finally decided to ask for help. Having someone provide technical support was fantastic and saved me a ton of time. One thing I’ve learned is to pause and ask for help much sooner in the process and reduce the unnecessary stress. 

As we wrap up 2020, I am grateful for all the support I’ve received, the things I’ve learned and the progress I’ve made in my journey to make a difference. I am looking forward to another amazing year of hope, growth and impact in 2021!

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