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Hello Everyone! I am Sandhya Kallur and this is the Lifestyle Mantra blog! I believe that in order to lead a happy, content and successful life, we need to address all aspects including mindset, personal growth and well-being.

At our core, every single human being is put on this earth for a purpose and all of us have the responsibility to continue to push ourselves and give our best in everything we do. Making an impact is weaved into the fabric of our existence and I believe that it doesn’t always have to be the big things. It’s the small things done consistently that add the most value. 

I also believe that in order to make an impact, I have to start with me. Through this personal lifestyle blog, my goal is to offer inspiration and motivation to becoming the greatest you in all aspects of life. Follow along with me on this journey where I learn, grow and in turn can make an impact by sharing some tips, tools and resources to make a difference and make the most out of this precious life on earth! Check out the short video to learn more and review the “My Blog” section for some amazing content.


My Mission

” To inspire and motivate women regardless of where they are in their personal growth journey to invest in themselves, build confidence, do more, be more and become more. In words of Mahatma Gandhi, I want us to “Be the change we wish to see in this world”

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