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After a few days of snow last week; no snow and high 50’s with some sunshine sounds great and refreshing for an outdoor walk! And that’s exactly what I did this morning as I was reflecting on the last 30 days- what I’ve learned and accomplished. 30 days ago, I had a plan….a plan for myself and kids to follow my plan and routine. Well, let’s just say, it’s not perfect but we are making progress 🙂

Personal growth and development is one of my core values and it’s important now more than ever to continue in this path and learn. Here are some free resources I have utilized to continue in this journey and hope this serves you as well.

  • Peloton: I mentioned this in my previous blog– Peloton is offering free 90 day access to their app and you can access tons of high-quality fitness classes that can be done in the comfort of your home. The best part, you don’t have to sign up with a credit card and it is not auto enrolling you into the program after 90 days. While I use several other free videos, we all can use some variety and why not give it a try if it’s free right?
  • Audible: Being an Amazon Prime member, I took advantage of the 30-day free trial for audible and got 2 audio books this month. Even if you don’t have Prime, you should be able to get a 15 day free trial. This is totally worth it. I have already listened to one audio book and downloaded my other free book. While I still enjoy reading a book and audio books don’t replace the comfort of sitting with a book and a cup of coffee, it’s a nice addition to your tool-box and gives you the chance to multi-task.
  • #next90daychallenge: I’m a huge fan of motivational speaker, Rachel Hollis and a few weeks ago when she announced the next 90 day challenge, I was excited to get going. It consists of weekly themed email content and videos on personal growth topics. Along with that, we commit to doing 5 things every single day (5 to thrive).The best part of this program is the accountability and the sense of community you feel participating in this challenge as a group and it’s FREE! It’s never too late, if you are interested, check it out and sign up!

  • Productivity course by Mindvalley: This free course by Jason Campbell offers productivity tips and tools as we work from home. It’s a 5 day program and a total investment of 1 hour and is a good resource to improve self-awareness and enhance our productivity. Mindvalley also has quite a few free masterclasses on a variety of topics to check out as well.


We cannot control what’s happening around us; we can always control our effort and perspective. So, how are you planning to grow during these challenging times? Pick one from the above or pick something that works best for you. It’s never too late to focus on yourself and to become the best version of you!

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