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“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”—Mahatma Gandhi

Summer is the perfect season for kitchen gardening and growing your own food in Michigan. As you know, it takes a lot of time and consistent effort to reap the benefits of gardening. Similarly, we have to focus on continuous learning in order to grow and develop at an individual level. Investing in daily learning is so important for personal growth and mastery! One simple and free way to learn is through Podcasts. In one of my previous blog posts, I talk about a 4-step process to identify podcasts that support your personal growth and development in all aspects of managing your lifestyle.

Here, I am sharing The 10 best Personal Development Podcasts to improve yourself and support you in your growth journey.

1. FranklinCovey On Leadership with Scott Miller

Hosted by Scott Miller

What you’ll learn: This FranklinCovey on leadership podcast is hosted by Scott Miller, Executive Vice President of Thought Leadership at FranklinCovey. This podcast is a gold mine for developing leadership skills. Every week, we get to hear insights and tips from great leaders via an engaging interview with Scott. You don’t have to be a leader to benefit from this podcast. This is a great tool for developing your leadership skills regardless of your role or job title.

2. Finding Mastery

Hosted by Michael Gervais

What you’ll learn: Dr.Michael Gervais, a sports and performance psychologist, shares insights and interviews people who have achieved mastery in their craft. The interviews take us through the guest’s journey to mastery in their specific field. I love the variety of experts he interviews on his podcast and the conversational style of these podcasts.

3. Unlocking Us

Hosted by Brene Brown

What you’ll learn: Dr. Brene Brown is a researcher and New York Times Bestselling Author. She has spent over 2 decades researching topics like courage, vulnerability and empathy. Her podcast Unlocking Us offers great insights to grow and develop by expanding our perspectives and connecting with our best selves via interviews with experts.

4. Straight Up

Hosted by Trent Shelton

What you’ll learn: Straight Up is hosted by Trent Shelton, a former NFL Wide receiver and an amazing motivational speaker. The episode on “How to find your purpose” is a true game changer. He offers simple yet profound wisdom on how to become the best version of yourself and to lead a purposeful and fulfilling life.

5. The Brendon Show

Hosted by Brendon Burchard

What you’ll learn: Brendon Burchard is a motivational speaker and influencer known for his best selling “High Performance Habits” book. This podcast, in my mind, is the go-to for all things personal development. Check out his 10 day wellness masterclass podcast series he’s offering to support the community with navigating through the current crisis.

6. The John Maxwell Leadership podcast

Hosted by John Maxwell

What you’ll learn: The John Maxwell Leadership is hosted by John Maxwell, word-renowned author and speaker who’s written several best selling books on leadership and personal growth. This podcast offers hands-on, practical tools and resources to transform your leadership skills and support you in your journey of personal growth.

7. Disrupt yourself by Whitney Johnson

Hosted by Whitney Johnson

What you’ll learn: Disrupt Yourself is a one-of-a-kind podcast to learn about how to disrupt yourself in order to grow. Hosted by Whitney Johnson, an executive coach and innovation thinker, this podcast delves into the topic of personal disruption through interviews with experts and disruptors in different fields.

8. Optimal Living Daily

Hosted by Justin Malik

What you’ll learn: In this daily podcast, Justin Malik covers several topics including personal development, minimalism and productivity. Justin curates powerful information and materials from best blogs and authors in this podcast. I like that the episodes are short (about 10 minutes long) and offer useful tips.

9. Leading yourself

Hosted by Carolina DeArriba

What you’ll learn: Leading yourself is one of my favorite personal development podcast hosted by my friend Carolina DeArriba. Carolina does a great job of offering simple and effective tips and strategies to support your personal growth journey!

10. Happier with Gretchen Rubin

Hosted by Gretchen Rubin

What you’ll learn: This amazing podcast is hosted by Gretchen Rubin, best-selling author of “The happiness Project” book. Who doesn’t want to be happier right? This podcast isn’t revolutionary, yet it offers tangible and tactical advice to develop habits that serve you and help you become a happier version of yourself!

Pick one or two from the above list and listen to it the next time you go for a walk or while driving. What’s your favorite podcast? Don’t wait, share with your friends and inspire others to learn and grow!

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