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Vision Board- It’s a powerful tool to turn your dreams into reality

“I would like a grande Vanilla latte with double shot espresso please” said Sasha to the barista at a busy Starbucks in Seattle airport. Waiting in line for the much-needed coffee, Sasha started to ponder on how life would no longer be the same without her life-long, childhood best friend. She was in Seattle attending her friend’s funeral who passed away suddenly in a car accident. She drifted into her childhood dreams and how they both wanted to own a business, make a difference and travel the world together. None of that had happened as both got tangled in the day-to-today hustle and bustle of corporate lives: Sasha practicing law at a well-known firm in Boston and her friend coding software applications in Seattle. “Life is short and tomorrow isn’t guaranteed” she thought..And so began serious contemplation on what’s important to her and what to do next…

Why am sharing this story with you and what does this have to do with Vision Boards?- you might think. We get so busy handling our everyday tasks that sometimes we forget what truly brings us joy and what we want to accomplish in this beautiful, short and unpredictable life of ours. In this 2 part blog series, I’d like to share with you what a vision board is and why you should consider doing this exercise. In the next blog, I’ll share the how.

What’s a Vision Board?

It’s a powerful visualization tool to provide clarity and to put your dreams into a visual form. Its a board( virtual or paper) you make with images, quotes, affirmations to visualize your goals and aspirations – your dreams in life and what you want to achieve.

You want to start a non-profit- put it on the board; travel to Egypt- put it on the board; own a business-put it on the board – It’s that simple, and yet that complicated- that’s the paradox!

Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes. – Carl Jung

4 reasons why you should create a Vision Board:


It really takes work to put things on paper. This exercise will drive you to ask some deep questions related to who you truly are, what you want to accomplish in your life and what impact you want to make. It makes you contemplate on what your dreams are, what motivates you and inspires you.

Clear sense of direction

One of my mentors once said to me that asking the right questions is more important than knowing all the right answers. Asking the right questions in your self-reflection will help you do your research to find the right answers. Once you have clarity of where you want to go, what you want to do and put it on the vision board, it sets your true north – a true sense of direction.

Clarity of focus

I see vision boards as offering clarity of focus on what’s most important for us and align what we do every day to what we want to accomplish. It will help you determine your priorities- do you want to attend that conference or do you want to work on a home improvement project that you have put out for quite some time. While there is no one-size-fits-all or a right answer for everyone, there is power in you choosing the right answer for you based on your vision of where you want to go and what’s your priority at this moment in time.

Inspires your desire

We all can use a positive dose of inspiration and motivation in our daily lives. Vision board offers you just that – a sense of purpose and something positive to look forward to. You have to believe in your dreams and visualize them before it turns into a reality.

I strongly believe that your limitation is your imagination. Don’t stop dreaming and don’t stop visualizing where you want to take this beautiful life of yours and lift others up along the way. Stop by next week to check out my blog on how to create a vision board.

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